Beebe Badger Pre-K enjoy learning about being a Veterinarian

Jan 23rd, 2014 | By admin | Category: Education

The students in Little Badger Pre-K recently finished a thematic unit on Pets. The children learned about different pets and the responsibilities involved in being a pet owner. Classes completed art projects featuring dogs, cats, bunnies, fish and horses. Dramatic play centers were transformed into vet clinics! Art centers became a hub for 3D art creations, as well as play-doh and painting projects focusing on imaginary and real pets. The students welcomed special guest, Bryan Manning of Beebe Veterinary Hospital. He spoke to them on the importance of taking care of their animals, including proper dental care, microchips to help locate lost pets and healthy snack options. The children were able to meet and practice vet skills on a real dog named Daisy, belonging to Austin Manning (a student enrolled in Little Badger Pre-K) and Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Manning.