What’s Left?

Jan 23rd, 2014 | By admin | Category: Opinion

I just realized that when I retyped my 1997 story about my ride-along with the police, I wrote in the final note:  access instead of assess. Funny how those “cc’s” and “ss’s” can change the meaning of a word. Sorry - but I’m hoping those of you who read it didn’t really notice (until now)!  Awww the mystery of words…

It is cold outside today (Tuesday). Wind  gusting to about 15-20 mph and temps at 35 or below. That makes for cold work if you are outside - which I am obviously not. Thank goodness. But winter is not over yet. I pray for an early Spring - but who knows. The whole U.S. is experiencing weird weather.

Cat observations. In my many hours of cleaning up after my cats, I have noticed that if they are going to hack up a hairball - or just want to express their negative feelings about what I am feeding them, they like to be up as high as possible so that when they throw up - it goes over everything that is below them: table, table legs, other cats, floor and sometimes a blanket or towel. And - they don’t just throw up once, they do it three times. First time, then take two steps, throw up again; take two more steps - throw up again. So, you have fun cleaning, cleaning and cleaning. I don’t know why they do this?  I don’t believe dogs do that but 99% of my cats do this. Just a feline thing I guess.  Sorry if I just told you more than you wanted to know about cats. Luckily - they don’t throw up that often -if you’re lucky.

I hope you are staying warm. Go to your happy place!

See you next week!