Beebe’s K-9 “Officer Owen” Flushes Out Alleged Car Thief; Stolen Vehicle Recovered

Jan 23rd, 2014 | By admin | Category: Top Story

Beebe Police Captain Eddie Cullum reported the following on the recovery of a stolen 2005 Chevrolet Trail Blazer and the arrest of the driver.

On Thursday, January 16th, 2014, Officer Steve Hall accomplished a traffic stop on a white Trail Blazer that was not displaying license plates at 802 Green Acres Drive. The white male driver and white female passenger exited the vehicle and Officer Hall made contact with them. The driver identified himself as “Eric Henley” and the female was identified as Sophie Weichert, 36, of Beebe. The driver appeared to be very nervous as the officer requested paperwork on the vehicle. Officer Misty Goss arrived on the scene as backup officer and began to check the vehicle identification number through police dispatch.  Dispatch advised the officers that the Trail Blazer had been reported as stolen earlier in the day from Craighead (Jonesboro) County.

At that time the driver bolted and began to flee the area on foot. He ran into an area of dense underbrush and disappeared. Other officers of the Beebe Police Department responded to the area and a perimeter was established. Investigator Josh Middleton and K-9 “Owen” was called to the scene. “Owen” not only is a certified narcotics dog but also trained to track.

As the track began, the driver, was flushed from the brush and into a large open field south of the location of the traffic stop.  The subject was running approximately 100 yards from the location of Investigator Middleton. “Owen” was released and quickly overtook the driver who stopped and held both of his arms high over his head. Middleton commanded the dog not to attack at which time “Owen” began to circle the suspect holding him until Middleton and Officer Hall took him into custody. The driver was identified as Jan L. Crow, 33, of Beebe and was found to be on parole from ADC listed as an “Absconder”.  Crow was transported to the Beebe Police Department and then transfered to the White County Detention Center in Searcy. Crow was charged with a felony count of “Theft by Receiving” and misdemeanor charges of “Fleeing on foot”, “Driving on a Suspended License”, “Criminal Impersonation”, “Obstructing Governmental Operations” and also charged with an outstanding warrant from Beebe for “Failure to Appear”.  Crow is held on a bond of $15,585.00 and a no bond warrant issued by Parole.  Weichert was not charged. The value of the vehicle, according to Craighead County, was $8,000.00.