Therapy Dog Introduced to Beebe School Board; Number of Groups Show Appreciation to Board During ‘Board Appreciation Month’

Jan 16th, 2014 | By admin | Category: News and Features

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Several groups from Beebe Schools presented gifts and presentations Monday night to the Beebe School Board to mark ‘School Board Recognition Month’ in January.  Also recognized for his efforts for the school district’s internet web site was Nathan Stigler - who is in charge of technology at the district.

Korie- the reading therapy dog was introduced to the board Monday night. She was a rescued dog and was rescued by Last Chance Arkansas. She was trained by inmates at the Hawkin’s Women’s Correctional Facility. She has received over 500 hours of training and counselor Nikki Jolly has also received training with Korie. Jolly said that the students are more relaxed when Korie is around and the students can sit and read to the dog. The Beebe School District is the first in the state to have a certified  educational assistant dog.

“The children love Korie and respond in a way that benefits their growth and ability in reading,” stated Nikki Jolly.

Martie Benton, Badger Academy’s online coordinator, gave a presentation about the online classes that were offered last semester and those that will be offered this semester. There are twelve classes offered online this semester. Last semester 38 students completed online classes including some home schooled students.

Dr. Shook told the board that the district has 28 new students in the district and the district will receive about $200,000 for those students.

Jackie Perry-District Food & Nutrition Director,  gave a presentation on bid processes in the school food program. She recommended that the board approve bids from Sysco. The board approved the bid.

The board approved the expenditure of $28,000 for a trip to Space Camp by 182 students and approx. 20 chaperones.

Dr. Shook announced that the Beebe School District  is one of four districts named AP Honor Roll and Beebe Elementary will receive a $17,000 grant due to their achievement of being in the top 20% in the state on test scores.