What’s Left?

Dec 12th, 2013 | By admin | Category: Opinion

It was sad to note the passing of a great man - Nelson Mandela. He was 95. I don’t have enough room here to write about his remarkable life.

I was taking pictures one night at Daniel Park - looking at the beautiful Christmas lights - and I was thinking of years past when I would go around and take pictures of the Chamber’s picks for Christmas lighting. I would have my camera, tri-pod, hot chocolate, big coat, gloves and somewhat dreading it because it was always really cold - as I remember. Anyway, I don’t do that so much anymore and even though I still need to use a tri-pod when taking night Christmas light shots - I haven’t been doing it. But thinking about the years past made me realize, once again, how much things have changed. I’m not sure if the Chamber still does the Christmas lighting contest anymore.  And there has been so much change with cameras that it is pretty different - same concept - but the equipment is very different. It’s faster and thank goodness you don’t have to use a darkroom anymore. That saves hours and hours.

But on to what we’ve all been through weatherwise. Last Thursday night we had freezing rain and sleet - mostly sleet, thank goodness. AND no power outages around here. That was what I was worried about. So, Friday, school was out, businesses closed and then Saturday night the Chamber parade was postponed to this coming Saturday, Dec. 14th. We had more freezing rain and sleet Saturday night but it wasn’t too bad. But school was out Monday and Tuesday. The temps have been in the 20’s and low 30’s so not much melting. It’s been bad but it could have been terrible if we’d lost power. Thank you, Lord, for letting us keep our power. My cats don’t do well without heat when it’s so cold. I guess I need to look into getting a portable generator.

Hope you are having a good week.

Go to your happy (warm) place!

See you next week (or at the parade Saturday night).