What’s Left?

Nov 7th, 2013 | By admin | Category: Opinion

Last Tuesday night, October 29th, (I’m writing this Monday night, Nov. 4th) I had the pleasure of first attending the open house at ASU-Beebe art gallery which featured three Beebe artists’ work. It was the first time I had seen the renovated old science building which has been transformed into the art department which includes a gallery. It was amazing. If you haven’t seen it - just take a tour during the week. It is amazing and includes a pottery lab, computer graphic design lab and several drawing/painting classrooms. It is such a great asset for our community. Mrs. Mona Vaden gave me a tour and I was so impressed with all they have to offer.

Secondly, after the art open house, I attended the annual “Dancing With the Stars” held at the Beebe Auditorium. It is a fundraiser for the high school and junior high choir. And it, too, was amazing! They started with a musical number featuring all the student contestants doing the Michael Jackson’s Thriller song. It was so well done. Then they had about 50-70 students of the choirs who performed a number from the “Nightmare Before Christmas” song. The costumes, dancing and singing were outstanding. Then, the competition began with judges being Beebe teacher Jamie Jenkins, Miss Arkansas 2013 Amy Crain and last year’s DWTS’s  winner, Jason Rowland. They were like an act all on their own. Very entertaining. The emcees were Beebe teacher Johnny Belew and                Jessica Hazeslip.

They did a great job!

But the contestants out-did themselves. The “adult” contestants showed a lot of great moves and creativity but the student contestants were just outstanding and very innovative. It was a fun night of art and art - right here in Beebe. We really do have it all - depending on the night. All in all - well done, ASU-Beebe Art Dept. and Beebe High and Jr. High Choirs! Well done!

Go to your happy place!

See you next week!