What’s Left?

Oct 31st, 2013 | By admin | Category: Opinion

Well, when the paper comes out - it will be Halloween. I don’t really celebrate Halloween per se - but I do enjoy seeing everyone in costume - when they’re not scary. I like the little cartoon characters costumes like Tweedy Bird and Sylvester, etc. I am not really into the actual scary stuff. But I hope the rain moves out so that the kids can go to the Harvest Fest’s and other church related activities tonight. I think that is the safest thing to do and really - do you want your child going door to door?  I wouldn’t  - even in Beebe. I think we live in just too dangerous an age to do that sort of thing.

Well - for the third time - I’m growing my gray hair out. Right now I look like a two-tone car - white at the roots and brown/blonde on the longer hair. Oh, well. Maybe this will be the last time and I can just accept that I have gray hair. I’m betting I do.  So, bear with me….should be ugly until about March 2014. Maybe I will get lots of ball caps for Christmas….!

The weather is kind of strange this week. It’s warmed back up to the low 70’s - and they have predicted storms Wed. night and early Halloween. Hopefully they won’t be bad ones. My zinnias at home are loving the weather. They look really pretty.

Have you realized that it is just 2 months until Christmas (well - actually less than that now).  Time passes so quickly. And - this weekend - Saturday night - don’t forget to turn your clocks back one hour before bedtime! You’ll get an extra hour of sleep!

We got to go see my Aunt Mary this past weekend. She is  94 and doing great! She is my dad’s sister. We really enjoyed seeing her and my two cousins, Billie and Judy. It was a nice visit!

My cats are loving the weather and wishing they could all play out in the grass -but that would present a whole new group of problems - so they’ll just have to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine without playing in the grass.

Go to your happy place.

See you next week!