“Coach” Darrel Hall Presented With Honor Stick

Oct 31st, 2013 | By admin | Category: Top Story



Two former football players who played under Coach Darrel Hall   at Trumann in 1964 surprised him Friday, Wed., Oct. 23rd, 2013 with an Honor Stick made by Darryl Melton.  Despite the short term of Coach Hall’s tenure at Trumann High School he apparently made quiet an impression on the thirteen guys on the football team.   All their names are on the Honor Stick and former  players Darryl Melton and Jimmy Liles  say that Coach Hall instilled in them that they could beat anybody - no matter what size.

“This is a lesson that we’ve all carried with us through life,” Melton said. “We are all thankful for that one year with Coach Hall that we owe our life-long drive to keep moving forward to him.”

Jimmy Liles said that the Truman record that year was 7-4 but the year before Coach Hall came they didn’t win a game.

Melton said that the Honor Stick is a rustic Christian way of honoring a person who has made a positive difference in the life of people.

Engraved in the stick are the words, “We thank you for that one year. We gained a life of toughness both physical and mental that we still have in our hearts today. God bless you!

Darrel Hall said of the honor, “I really appreciate this, but I was 26-years old when I coached at Trumann and  was just young and crazy.  I know I drove those kids hard - but I guess it has paid off.”

Darrel Hall was tricked into coming to First Security Bank for a supposed board meeting. He was very pleasantly surprised to see his former players.