Pee Wee Football Update

Oct 17th, 2013 | By admin | Category: Sports

Last Tuesday night’s games, Sept. 24,  in Lonoke were great. It wasn’t a conference game for the 3rd and 4th graders and their Coaches had the opportunity to field the non-starters for the whole game. The newest Badgers gained some much needed experience and plenty of OJT as they faced the 3rd/4th Pee Wee Jackrabbits for the second time this season. Despite the loss, they showed a lot of promise and all of the heart we have come to expect from our teams! Way to go guys!

The 5th/6th grade team played the best game they have played this season. They went into half time behind 6-12, but it turned out that this was a moment I had been waiting on for four years. At half time the character and values we have worked so hard to instill in our players, the backbone of our mission statement, showed up as leadership. Some of the sixth graders asked for time to address the team so we gave it to them.

I don’t know what was said, but they came off of the sideline a different team. By the time the 4th quarter rolled around our team was up by 13-12. They fought tooth and nail the whole way and it was heartbreaking when the Jackrabbits got across the goal line at the end of the quarter.

Worth more than anything to me though was the moment when I was approached by all three officials after the game. They told me what a good team of boys we had, how much character and good sportsmanship they displayed every down, and how much they wished every team behaved like they did on the field. They told me it showed that those qualities were important to the Beebe coaches.

As much as I wanted them to win that game, I wouldn’t take a 10-0 season if the team lacked the character those officials were complementing us on. The leadership that I saw was visible to more than just me. It was obviously visible to everyone in attendance. To me it was a ray of hope and promise of things to come from our boys and a little bit of validation that our efforts are not in vain.  Last Tuesday night, I think we made Bro Erwin proud.

Friday night. Sept. 27,  was a special night for our organization. As the Sr. Badgers took the field against the Forrest City Mustangs, which was a thrilling game won by the Badgers, we had a rare opportunity.  We were able to present a football with the names of all of our 3rd-6th grade players and cheerleaders to Bro Erwin’s daughter and grandson, Dr. Anita Erwin Jones and Dr. Cliff Jones, who were both in attendance at Friday night’s game. I think our kids who were able to be there really enjoyed getting to be part of this small token of appreciation we extended to Bro’s family. Thank you both for your continued support and for taking the time to make our kids feel so special.