Guilty Plea to Meth Charges

Oct 17th, 2013 | By admin | Category: Top Story

Beebe Police Captain Eddie Cullum released the following information regarding a guilty plea to felony drug charges.  At approximately 9:00 a.m., on Wednesday, July 24th, 2013, the Beebe Police Department Dispatch received a call from a concerned citizen who related that a male and female were observed walking on Greenwood Cove in the Windwood Sub-Division of Beebe and the couple were seen walking up to parked vehicles and peering inside of them.

Lieutenant Brian Duke and Chief Wayne Ballew responded to the area and found the pair walking on Taylor Cove. The officers approached the couple and Lieutenant Duke informed them of the complaint. The female denied looking into any vehicle and that the “they” were merely walking the streets and picking up cigarette butts. Lieutenant Duke found that the male was Hispanic and spoke no English. The white female interpreted for the male and stated that his name was Yhir Guzman and also provided his date of birth to Lt. Duke. The information on the male was radioed to dispatch and the officers were advised that no such subject was in the data bases. When Lieutenant Duke requested identification from the female he reported that “she immediately became evasive” and she provided a name and date of birth which also “yielded no results” from the Arkansas and national data bases.  The female was informed of the negative results on the information she had provided at which time she admitted that she had given false information and identified herself as Monica Michelle Amezquita, 28, with an address on Indiana Street in Beebe to Chief Ballew.An additional inquiry was accomplished and the officers were advised that Amezquita had two (2) outstanding misdemeanor warrants from the Beebe District Court for Contempt and an additional warrant from the Ward Police Department for a simular violation. At that time Lieutenant Duke placed Amezquita under arrest for “Obstructing Governmental

Operations” for providing false information as to her identity and for the three (3) outstanding warrants. Amezquita and the Hispanic male were then transported to the Beebe Police Department. Lieutenant Duke began to process Amezquita and asked her if she had anything on her person that would be considered contraband at which time she informed him that she had a “glass pipe and two baggies in her bra”.  Amezquita surrendered the items. The two (2) small plastic baggies contained a white powder and crystal like substance which was found to be approximately 1/3 gram of methamphetamine.  The glass pipe residue was found to have meth residue. Lieutenant Duke filed felony charges regarding the items. On October 1st, 2013, Amezquita pled guilty in the White County Circuit Court to “Possession of methamphetamine and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia to inhale methamphetamine”. She was sentenced to 60 months probation on each charge which is to run concurrent and fined $1,000.00. The Hispanic male was released with no charges.