What’s Left?

Sep 12th, 2013 | By admin | Category: Opinion

By Lee McLane Editor/Publisher and Simba the late Squeaks adoptive baby

The other day I was looking through some old issues of the paper - actually looking at about 15 years by looking at the last paper of the year featuring the “Year in Review.” (Although one of the years I forgot to put in the Year in Review in the last issue and it had to be placed in the first paper of the year….weird!) That’s the fastest way to see what happened - or what we considered the most important things - in that year. Anyway - after having my brain fogged by so much stuff going back year after year, I found what I was looking for and that was when the Veterans Monument was built. It was built in 1993 and was dedicated that Memorial Day, May 31st. That was the same year McDonald’s came to Beebe. It was really interesting seeing all the things that happened over that span of time in Beebe. We think we live here and not much happens - but it really does. I also found when I wrote my first column - which I hadn’t been able to recall because it seems like I have always written it ever since I bought the paper in 1990. But, actually, I began on Jan. 1st, 1997. And in that first column I had my picture but no cat with me. (I just went back and looked at my columns until I had my little cat Squeak in the picture with me - it was Jan. 6, 1999 - just a few weeks before the big tornado. I can’t believe I wrote 2 years before putting a cat in the picture with me. Squeak was just a little bit older than a kitten at that time. She was in the picture with me until she passed away and then (and now) her adopted kitten Simba is in the picture with me. Squeak weighed about 7 lbs. - a tiny kitty - and Simba weighs in at 20 lbs.-  plus he has long hair so he looks really big.

Anyway - I feel like I’ve been down memory lane - and it was fun. I also just got through reading a story I wrote about riding with the Beebe Police one night. I may pull it up and run it. It was pretty funny. (Actually - it will be sometime in the next 3 weeks - it’s a long story and I don’t have room this week.)

Maybe I should do a book with just the “Year in Review” of the past 20 years or so?  It is interesting.

On to other subjects.  Are you going to the White County Fair this week? I used to always go the the fair just to see all the rabbits and chickens and other animals (miniature horses) - but I haven’t been that much lately. I may go this year since the weather is going to be great.

Go to your happy place! See you next week!