Beebe School District Adds Approximately 84 Students This Year

Aug 29th, 2013 | By admin | Category: Education

According to Beebe Schools superintendent Dr. Belinda Shook, the district is up approximately 84 students thus far in the school year. The official enrollment report reflects the following students per grade:  K-12,  3,294 students overall with the break down per grade at: Pre-K, 110 students,  Kindergarten - 281 students; Grade 1, 288 students; Grade  2,  250 students, Grade 3, 265 students; Grade 4, 276 students; Grade 5, 254 students; Grade 6, 238 students;  Grade 7, 252 students; Grade 8, 235; Grade 9, 291 students; Grade 10, 250 students; Grade 11, 222 students  and Grade 12, 192 students.

In the upper grades, a teacher might teach classes in multiple grades, but in lower grades, there are: 6 Pre-K,  14 kindergarten, 12 first, 11 second, 11 third, 11 fourth, 10 fifth and 10 sixth. Including the classified positions (bus drivers, cafeteria, custodians, instructional assistants and clerical) the district has a total of 431 employees.

Dr. Belinda Shook explained how she came up with the total number, saying, “When we subtract our 30 ‘no shows’ from the total, we come up with 3,264 students. Last year, our 3/4 avg. was 3,180, so that would make us up about 84 students. That is approximate because some could move over the Labor Day weekend, and we could also have some move in.”