What’s Left?

Aug 22nd, 2013 | By admin | Category: Opinion

By Lee McLane Editor/Publisher and Simba the late Squeaks adoptive baby

I’ve been thinking lately about the pros and cons of Facebook. I joined it a year or so ago and then didn’t like it and quit. And - it took quite a bit to get deleted. But, I had lots of family members who said, “Did you see my pictures from _____?” And I would say, “No!” And they would say, “Well - they’re on Facebook - just look at them.”  So, finally - feeling left out of the family loop - I got reinstated. I agree that it is a good place to see vacation pixs and stuff. But really, I’m not sure from a time basis, if it’s not like Betty White said - “It’s just a terrible waste of time.” Maybe she was talking about Twitter - I don’t remember. But I agree - to a large degree - it is a humongous waste of time. Yes - I have found out who was sick, dying, etc. and that is a good thing and it’s good to support the families but all the other trivial stuff that you have to wade through - is just so, soooooo time consuming. On Good Morning America this past week they said that people who were regularly on Facebook were more depressed afterward. I can see that. They only guesstimated at why they were more depressed and it was something like feeling less “normal” because they didn’t have all the wonderful stuff their friends and family had going on. Really?  When you read comments on Facebook it’s kind of like reading a profile on an online dating service (not that I’ve done that, but I’ve had friends who have told me about it)  - much of it is exageratted or just a plain lie. Now - I’m not talking about MY friends and family - but it does give you something to think about. I suppose I’ll stay on Facebook - but then again - I might not. Really - when you get down to it - in this life - time is all we have and if you waste it wading through stuff on Facebook it’s just like rolling up a piece of your life and tossing it in the wastebasket. At least that is my thoughts at this time. Now Pinterest is another thing. Lots of ideas and neat crafts to look at - even if you don’t plan on doing them. It’s just fun.

On to other important things. Yea! Kids are back in school. Yes - I went up to the elementary school today and couldn’t resist seeing how my niece Hannah Musto was doing on her first day TEACHING her 3rd grade class. Well, she was doing great and I’m so proud of her. For the past several years - I’ve been sad when I looked over at the school or had to go there to take a picture because I didn’t have either one of my nieces there anymore. They had graduated and moved on to college, etc. But now, (thank you Beebe School Board) Hannah is back and is a teacher. When I left her classroom today, I can’t describe the warm feeling I had to know that she was here in Beebe teaching in the Beebe School District. Her students are very lucky to be in her room. She is so caring and genuinely loves children and sees the wonder and possibilities in them. She will be great!

Anyway - even if your child did not get in my niece’s class - I bet they will have a great school year because I believe we have the best facilities and the best teachers in the state. So if they’re here - they’ve got the best chances for success. Go Badgers! Go kids! Have a great school year!

As I’ve been writing this one of my cats picked a fight with another one. It happens. They are just like people - some are drama queens and some are just looking to bully another one. So, after breaking that up  - I guess I better end this rambling.

Seriously, take an active role in your child’s life. Act interested in their school activities - work and play. It will pay off in the long run and will make your child a better member of society. It will make for a great school year and a happy child!

Go to your happy place!

See you next week!