What’s Left?

Aug 15th, 2013 | By admin | Category: Opinion

By Lee McLane Editor/Publisher and Simba the late Squeaks adoptive baby

I’ve been thinking I need to write a book - or series of books - about the interaction of my cats with each other. It is so funny and sometimes complex. One day you see two cats being great friends - napping together, cleaning each other - and the next day they have moved on to a different cat - or sometimes those two stay “together” for weeks or longer. It’s sweet. I have one cat that is friends only with one other cat. She doesn’t interact with any of the 10-12  cats that she is around except that one. You can watch her and she is looking around trying to see where her “buddy” is in the room. She will go over to her and try to start grooming her and if it works out they will both just spend 15-20 minutes cleaning each other. It is so funny. Then I have another little female cat that is in love with this big male (really cute) cat that I have. She will go in front of him, wrap her tail around his face and then just circle around him. (They are both “fixed” so no worry there.) If another female comes near that male - she edges them away - not in a mean way - but in a stealthy way. It’s just so funny. The male (Mr. Muffet) knows she is doing that but pretends not to notice. Typical….

I have a new little kitten. I told you about him a few weeks ago. He was almost dead when I got him and now he is the picture of health and tries to run the whole house. He is a “floater” of sorts. He stays by himself at night in the bathroom - but during the day he spends part of his day with my bedroom kitties and part of the day with the cats in the “cat room” and then part of the day with Simba who stays in the living room most of the time because he has decided he doesn’t particularly want to be social. So - the kitten jumps all over him and drives him crazy. He finally will take a nap with the kitten (Tigger) and just started cleaning him. It is really cute. So, maybe a book is in the making with all the intricacies of these interactions. Cats are so funny. So are dogs. I have funny dogs, too. Maybe a cat and dog series????

School starts in less than a week- yea parents - boo students!!!! Or maybe boo parents - yea students! Whichever fits.

Hope you’ve had a great summer in this weird weather.

Go to your happy place!

See you next week!