Traveling Veteran’s Trek Ends After Tragic Accident

Jul 31st, 2013 | By admin | Category: News and Features

A couple of weeks ago, The Beebe News featured a picture and brief story about Charlie Peters, of Michigan, -a Vietnam veteran who was on a mission with a wagon pulled by two mules - to cross the country from Michigan to his father’s grave in Oklahoma while stopping to thank veterans for their service along the way.   His 850-mile proposed journey began May 1st.   Unfortunately, when he reached Ozark, AR  on July 24th - just about 175 miles from his destination, he was struck from behind by a pick-up truck. The collision sent Charlie to the hospital with broken ribs and killed his two mules.

Charlie has stated that he wants to continue his journey when he heals but in the meantime, his son came down from Michigan and picked up Charlie and the wagon.  Charlie is healing back in Michigan with his family but has not dropped his plans of continuing his journey.

He thanked everyone for all the well-wishes on Facebook.  We wish him a quick recovery and sadness for his loss of his beloved mules.