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Jun 20th, 2013 | By admin | Category: Opinion

Free swim day at Beebe’s Pool cost - $2,000.00!

My grandchildren were excited to hear about the free swim day Tuesday June 11, 2013. They went to the pool and were the last to be let in. The swim day looked like a success, there were even many people being turned away as the pool was full. A few hours later we received a call from one of the boys, their personal items had been stolen. The oldest grandson, 17, had put their personal items in his pants. Gone was a new pair of jeans, belt, wallet, drivers licence, social security card, birth certificate, Mitsubishi car keys ( with transponder chip), 2 HTV phones one with Otterbox cover 2 months old, cash they were given for snacks while at pool. Their fun day turned out tragic  for these kids, the police were called, and report made, serial numbers to phones, given to the police.

Now we had to replace the drivers licence, social security card, birth certificate, lock smith to unlock the car, and make a transponder key was $165.00 alone. New Sims cards to change phone service to old phones was $30.00 a piece. Not to mention the boys being so upset because of the loss of their items.

The value of the items makes this theft, ” a class D felony now requires theft, extortion or damage to property of a minimum of $500 (news.lawreader.com)”. We would like the items back, we have been back to the pool to search the area to see if “the perp” left the stuff they did not want anywhere around and have found nothing but several people naming a boy and his friend as the thief.

I would also like to add that the Beebe pool people were less than helpful. I do realize that they have a not responsible for theft policy, but they were unfriendly and uncaring about the whole situation. Maybe they face this kind of thing happening often, but we have been violated, someone took our personal property, that is a horrible experience. They were of no help at all and did not even care. They do have a list of people that came to the pool that day you have to sign in when you come. My hope by writing this to the editor is that it is published and some parent sees it and their child has magically gained these items this week and realize it was their child, and return the items with no questions and the Beebe pool to have a better system of keeping people and their items safe while at the pool.

Concerned Citizen

Sherrie Ayers - Ward, AR