Therapy Dog is New Addition to Badger Elementary Korie come from Paws in Prison program

May 16th, 2013 | By admin | Category: News and Features

Beebe School Board members were given a presentation from Badger Elementary principal Karla Tarkington and counselor Nikki Jolly about a new certified therapy dog the school will be using. The dog’s name is Korie and she is a one-year-old flat coated Retriever. She has been trained through the Paws in Prison program and will help students at Badger Elementary in the counseling area to help relax the students and also will help the students socialize and students will even read to Korie. She will live with counselor Nikki Jolly and her family.

“We’re very excited to have her and so are the kids,” stated Ms. Jolly. Beebe School District is the first school in the state to receive a dog from the Paws in Prison program. This program allows inmates the opportunity to train a service dog under the supervision of a dog trainer.

In other matters during the regular monthly meeting of the Beebe School Board, the board:

•  Approved the following resignations, transfers and employment:   Resignations – Ora Fuller, Custodian; Michelle McCoy, Language Arts Teacher; Michelle McCoy, Bus Driver; Stephen Underwood, from coaching.

Transfers – Yolanda Tarno, to Manager’s Position with 1 year experience; Jan Spriggs to Manager Trainee; Terina Skinner from 5.25 to 6.25 hours per day; Kathryn Thomas from 3 hours to 5.25 hours per day; Margaret Hall from ALE to sixth-grade mathematics; Abbie Quattlebaum, from sixth-grade mathematics to fifth-grade mathematics; Cathy Kidder, from fifth-grade mathematics to Middle School Media Specialist; Reba Gail Vaden, from fourth grade to fifth-grade social studies; Stephen Underwood, from high school social studies and coaching to sixth-grade social studies;Terri Vanderford, from bus shop assistant to part-time grounds and bus driver; John Shannon from high school social studies to physical education; Tate Rector from JH Football to SH Football.

Employ New Staff  - Amy Smith, Teacher, Badger Elementary; Denetria Sledge, Cafeteria, 3 hours per day; Glenda Pruitt, Cafeteria, 3 hours per day; Torrey McNully, 9-10 Media Specialist; Curtis Shannon, Junior High Social Studies Teacher, Assistant Junior High Football Coach and Assistant Track Coach; Justin Musick, High School mathematics; Mark Bivins, Early Childhood Assistant Principal; Claire Grimes, elementary teacher at Beebe Elementary; Kayla Bradford, elementary teacher at Beebe Elementary.

•  Hired architect John McMorran of Lewis, Elliott, McMorran, Vaden, Ragsdale and Woodward, Inc. for the 9-10 cafeteria project,

•  Approved expenditures of over $10,000 for a car for the driver’s education course; Josten’s yearbooks; Chromebooks and software.

Graduation is this Friday beginning at 7:30 p.m. at A.S. “Bro” Erwin Field.

Dr. Shook told the board that the district had 11 juniors make better than 30 on the ACT and we have two National Merit Semifinalists. Also Dr. Shook told the board that the home schooled students are now eligible for extracurricular activities if they enroll in one on-campus class. Students are also able to take online classes to use towards their graduation.