What’s Left?

May 16th, 2013 | By admin | Category: Opinion

By Lee McLane Editor/Publisher and Simba the late Squeaks adoptive baby

It’s the week all students dream about - graduation week. The Class of 2013 has a world of opportunities ahead of them but the job environment might not be as good as they would like. I hope they will be diligent in their search for jobs - unless they continue their education. Sometimes that is what you do when you can’t find that perfect job. I’m looking forward to Friday night to see the Beebe High School Class of 2013 graduates. I hope the weather is great - like it was today (Monday).  All I can say is to the graduates is to follow your heart to your desired field of work and you will be happy in life. It’s hard to take a job that you don’t like unless you are just taking it temporarily- just until you find that job that you think will keep you happy for most of your working life. Although, nowadays, they say that it is not unusual to change careers two or three times during your lifetime. But I do believe that your best bet is to be ambitious - know yourself - but also learn to be content in whatever job you find yourself. Do your best at whatever you do and you will be a happy person.

Good luck Class of 2013 graduates - high school and college!  I hope you have a fulfilling life.

On to other things. I was thinking about all my cats the other day - and once again - I tell you I am not a hoarder. I don’t have to have or feel the need to have every cat I see. I do love and appreciate every cat I see - but I do not need to possess them. Anyway - I was thinking about my family and extended family and the “cat people” that we have. I had an aunt on my mother’s side who loved all animals. She didn’t have cats - but she probably would have if she could. She did have a dog and a parakeet. On my dad’s side, I have a cousin who loves cats and has several - all outside and her mother, my aunt, has seemingly developed a great love for animals and in particular, cats, as she has gotten older. She is now in her 90’s and feeds several cats - outside. Then there is my cousin’s son’s daughter - would that be my 3rd cousin. She is a young girl - but seemingly loves cats like I do. It will be interesting to see what she does when she gets older. I think many of the people who love cats have just gotten one, then two, then more and more as they have learned their personalities. Then there are people who have stray cats dumped on them and there is nothing you can do with them - except keep them or have them put to sleep. That is a very hard thing to do - especially if they are kittens - and pretty soon, you have lots of cats. This wouldn’t happen if our city’s would allot money to shelters to hold cats long enough to get adopted and also to have a program of spay/neuter/release. That is the only way we will get the overpopulation under control.

Enough of my animal lecturing.

I hope you all had a great Mother’s Day!  What would we do without them????

Go to your happy place! See you next week!