Largest Chapter in the Nation-Beebe Jr. High FBLA Wins Sweepstakes Award 4th Year in a Row

May 16th, 2013 | By admin | Category: Education

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Beebe Jr. High FBLAStaff

Beebe Jr. High FBLA reached two mile stones this year by not only becoming the largest Junior High FBLA Chapter in the Nation, but also finishing first in the District V FBLA competitions for the 4th year in a row.

Beebe Junior High FBLA finished the competition with a record 99 points overall surpassing their own record from last year of 88 points. Points are given according to how each chapter places in each event. 1st place receives 5 points, 2nd place receives 4 points, 3rd place receives 3 points, 4th place receives 2 points and 5th place receives 1 point. If the chapter does not finish in the top five places out of the 25 schools competing, then zero points are awarded. Beebe placed in 25 of 31 events and did not place in only 6 events.

Five members not only placed in the district, but also place in the state. Parker Pruitt, Cecily Sanders (District V Secretary), Mary Durr, Whitney Warden and Sammy Kearney did so well on their individual district competitions they received state recognition, which is extremely difficult to do. Three of those four members also received National Recognition. Parker Pruitt and Cecily Sanders were recognized for their design of the Beebe Junior High FBLA Web Page, which can be seen at and Mary Durr was recognized for her work in Keyboarding Applications 2 in which she received a perfect score. National Recognition is the highest award to achieve at the Junior High FBLA Level.

Individual National Awards/Individual National Recognition: Cecily Sanders and Parker Pruitt - Web Page; Mary Durr-Keyboarding Applications II

State Individual Awards

1st Place in State: Mary Durr- Keyboarding Applications II;  Cecily Sanders and Parker Pruitt Web Page

3rd Place in State: Whitney Warden- Keyboarding Applications II

4th Place in State: Sammy Kearney- Spreadsheets

Individual District Awards:

1st Place: Mezthly Pena-Business Letters; Zach Andrews-Computer Concepts; Allison Kuykendall-FBLA Principles & Procedures; Mary Durr-Keyboarding Applications I; Whitney Warden-Keyboarding Applications II; Kayleigh McCoy-Manuscripts; Becca Ficco-One-Minute Timings

Cecily Sanders and Parker Pruitt-Web Page Creations

2nd Place: Dane Richie and Madison Mitchell-Business Graphics; Cecily Sanders-Career Exploration; Allie Lane-Intro. To Parliamentary Procedure; Parker Pruitt-Mr. Jr. High FBLA; Ashley Courson-Ms. Jr. High FBLA;  Blake Gordon-Public Speaking; Madeline Nelson-Three-Minute Timings;  Anna Belle Stout-Talent Show

3rd Place: Sammy Kearney-Spreadsheet

4th Place: Ashton Warner-Introduction to Business Communications; Zach Andrews-Computer Slide Show

5th Place: Dane Richey-Business Math

Chapter National Awards/ Chapter National Recognition

1st Largest Middle-Level Chapter in the Nation with 261 Members

Local Chapter Activities – Best Report in the Nation

State Chapter Awards

1st Place in State/ 1st Largest Middle-Level Chapter in the State with 261 Members

Beebe Jr. High FBLA Activities Report

5th Place in State: American Enterprise Project

Chapter District Awards

1st Place

District V Overall Sweepstakes Winner (4th Year in a Row District Champs)

Outstanding Award of Merit

Largest Chapter Membership – 261 Members (LARGEST IN THE NATION)

Largest Chapter Membership Market Share – 54% of Jr. High Building

Shining Star Award – Increased 29 Members from Last year: Local Chapter Activities Report

American Enterprise Project: Beebe Junior High FBLA Outstanding Chapter Award of Merit

3rd Place

Community Service Project