What’s Left?

Apr 25th, 2013 | By admin | Category: Opinion

By Lee McLane Editor/Publisher and Simba the late Squeaks adoptive baby

Wow!  What a news week we all endured. From the Boston Marathon bombings to the search for the suspects, to the showdown and death on one and then the hunt and capture of the remaining suspect. I watched it all on tv and just couldn’t not watch it - even though most of the time - as far as the news cameras were showing - there was not much action. But when there was - it really was action. Not like Hollywood but you had to keep telling yourself - this is really happening right now. I do believe it takes a toll on your brain and body. I was exhausted and in fact was sick all weekend. Maybe not related - but who knows?  I slept an extra six hours over the weekend. I guess my body needed it but when I woke up I just thought about how far behind I was on the chores I had wanted and needed to get accomplished. But most of them waited for me - so I have another chance to get them done or not.  I don’t know about you but when I have lots to do I have to make a list. Then I prioritize them and I have to do the one that requires the most energy first. It’s not like when you’re young and you just go, “Oh, I have to do 15 things today - so I’ll just do whichever suits my fancy first.” That doesn’t work anymore when you get older.  Everyone has their routine of how to get things done but I find the best way to do anything is to break it up into parts and then just look at each part - otherwise you might get overwhelmed and quit. I do this when I’m writing sometimes. I tell myself, “OK - just write the first paragraph and that’s all you have to do.” When I would do that - I would automatically be on my way and continue writing. So, it’s not quite that way with housework - but you can just  break down the chores into energy categories and do the ones that require the most first and then use the ones that don’t take that much energy later so you can kind of recharge while you are doing them.  I think I’ve told you this before but I used to be an obsessive cleaner so I know alot about doing chores. I am not that way anymore except maybe in my head. My cats take up too much time and energy - so it’s hard to be an obsessive cleaner when you have no time and no energy. Oh, well.  My cats like my attention and they are probably a little more fun than  cleaning all the time. Yeah - a lot more fun!!

Anyway - I started talking about all this by saying how stressful the news was this past week. (How did I get off to obsessive cleaning?)

Let’s hope that the news for the next few weeks and months is less stressful than last week.

Go to your happy place and stay for as long as you can!

See you next week!