Thanks to Donations, Dogs at Beebe Animal Shelter Have New Beds

Apr 25th, 2013 | By admin | Category: News and Features

Thanks to several donors, the dogs at the Beebe Animal Shelter have new beds that keep them up off the cold, damp concrete floors. The purchase of the beds was facilitated by Ramona Miller, of Cabot,  and she found the extremely good prices for them and donated to the cause as well. Also giving big donations for the beds were Beverly Gilkeson, of Michigan, and Charlotte Paquette, of Beebe, along with other donors. The beds were purchased from Animal Rescue Aid/National Pet Bed Donation Program. They supply beds to many shelters throughout the nation.

A special thank you to Mayor Mike Robertson for allowing the work-release people to assemble most of the beds. Also thanks to Charlotte Paquette and Evan Lindquist for assemblying several of the beds.