What’s Left?

Apr 11th, 2013 | By admin | Category: Opinion

This past week we lost someone who had such an impact on everyone she came in contact with  - Glenda Long.  She was our First United Methodist Church secretary for many years and was always ready with an ear to hear your troubles or a funny story to make you laugh.

She was beautiful, classy, witty and just a fun person to be around.  I was blessed to know Glenda for many years and to have many occasions to talk to her regarding church issues and many other subjects - often regarding manners, fashion, etc. She was a wealth of information and ideas.

She had been in poor health in the past few years but those of us who didn’t see her very often thought that she was on the mend - even though she recently was admitted to the hospital. It would be her last visit there and the end to her time here on earth. She will live on in our memories and bring a smile to our face as we remember those special moments we had with her. Our prayers are with her husband, Charles - whom she loved so much; her beautiful children - whom she adored, Clair and Mike. Our lives won’t be the same without her around but our lives will be better because she was a part of our lives. (Mike is our sports photographer and writer here at The Beebe News).

It’s hard to follow that with anything in this column that actually means anything but I do believe here in this small town that the loss of a person so many people loved brings us all closer together - sharing our grief and our happy stories of that person.  As we all say, it is a shame that it takes a funeral to bring so many of us back together  but it happens over and over. Our lives are so full of “stuff” that we don’t have time to get together for anything that is not labeled imperative. I am as guilty - if not more so - than most. But at this time I just want to say that when you go through the loss of someone that we all cared about - it brings to mind that here in Beebe - we do care about our neighbors.  If you have lived here awhile and you’ve lost a neighbor or relative here in town - you know the outpouring of love and kindness that comes forth. It is one of the best aspects of living in a small town (or especially here in Beebe).  I know everytime my mother and I come back into town from a trip to Little Rock, we both say, “Boy, I’m sure glad we live here.” And it’s true.  We may not have all the stuff that the big city has - but we have the best stuff - here in Beebe.

I hope you are having a good “finally Spring is here” day and hopefully we’ll miss any severe weather that is a possibility for Wednesday.  That is something we all have to live with and just prepare for as we move into the warmer seasons.

Go to your happy place.

See you next week.