Some Beebe Water Business Customers Will Get Large Refund for Overcharge

Apr 4th, 2013 | By admin | Category: News and Features

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Beebe Water and Sewer Commission members heard the results of an audit Wednesday morning, March 27th, from John Shoptaw.

“You’ve had a good year profit and volume wise,” Mr. Shoptaw stated, “but the city is having growing pains and you’re feeling the brunt of it.”

“We’re all excited about the opportunities,” stated chairman John Hayes.

The gist of the audit was to get training on software to help with the payroll deductions and applying taxes, according to Mr. Shoptaw.

A major subject of the meeting was the beginning of review of all the business customers of the water department as it was found accidentally that several had been overcharged and a few had been undercharged. The ones that have been undercharged will be written off and those that were overcharged with be issued a check or a credit. So far, those business customers who will have a check or credit are: ASU-Technical $2,545.47; Clark Const. $235.05; Jaylemarcon $363.23; C & C Conoco $1,934.74; Dollar General, Hwy. 64 $363.23; Dollar General Dewitt Henry $3,469.43 and Reliance Health Care $3,708.37. Those that were undercharged and be written off were The Heritage company for $692.67 and Ken’s Discount Building Materials $5,772.50.  The billing errors occurred when the businesses were billed for a certain diameter water pipe which was either bigger or smaller than what they actually have. The water department will continue going though their list of businesses with about half to three-fourths to go yet in the review.

In another matter, the commission approved the purchase of about 255 radio read water meters. These will allow the meter reader to stay in the vehicle and read the meter from inside the truck. The cost is about $250 for each meter.

The commission also approved paying $29,806. to install equipment that will automatically phone the water department or personnel when a well is not working correctly. It will save about $1100. per month when the instruments are installed.