What’s Left?

Mar 14th, 2013 | By admin | Category: Opinion

OK- one week is not long enough to have adjusted to Daylight Saving time. I’m still late - going to sleep and getting up. Anyway, thinking about actually using an alarm clock. Usually my cats, dogs, or daylight wake me up. We’ll see.
You know, I was thinking this week how it seems as you get older - more things make you mad or upset. Maybe it’s just me - maybe not. So, I’m trying to change my focus and see the things that make me happy throughout the day. You know, whatever you focus on - is what you’re going to feel. So, last night, I was walking down the hall - on the way to my bedroom to sleep and I heard in our bathroom the whirling sound of my mouse, Mr. Squiggles, running on his wheel. He does that most nights and it is hilarious. He runs so fast that it eventually throws him off the wheel. I guess it doesn’t hurt him because he gets right back on it. But that made me smile and even laugh out loud. Another thing that makes me happy is seeing one of my cats lying next to a cat that they usually don’t get along with. I like that. And another fun thing that I mostly like, is that every night I have two cats - one on each side of my face- that sleep with their paws on my head or face (they have no claws).  They  don’t like each other too much but they keep on either side of my head.
Anyway - I just think we all need to focus on things we like more than things we don’t like even though I believe the longer you live the more you “know” the things you don’t like and when you’re younger you just don’t know what you don’t like until you are in that situation. It’s kind of like trying a new food that you’ve never had before. You won’t know till you try it.
I just read the column written by Pam Young (to the left of this column) - it is so funny!  Hmmmm. Hors d’ oeuvres - maybe that’s why my first marriage didn’t work. She is a funny writer. I hope you are enjoying her columns.
Spring break is next week and I hope you’ve made some great plans with your family. You know - it is these things that make up so much of the memories of young kids’ lives. When they get older, these are the things they will remember - spending fun times with you. Of course, just being out of school in and of itself is fun!  You can spend one night letting the kids help you plan a menu and fix it in the kitchen and then serve it to friends, relatives or just your family. That would be a good (I hope) family memory. In other words- you don’t have to spend a lot of money - just do something out of the ordinary with your kids. I know my cats enjoy it when I get the laser pointer out and play with them - this is a special treat for them. I don’t do it too often because they all run into each other and sometimes claw me. Not to totally compare your  kids with my cats - but there are similarities. I call my cats my children - I’m not sure my son, Christian, likes that too much - but he understands.
Anyway - my point in much of this rambling is to be happy! It doesn’t take any more energy than being sad - but it’s just a programming issue in many cases.
Have a great Spring Break!
“Happiness will never come to those who fail to appreciate what they already have.”
Go to your happy place. See you next week!