What’s Left?

Mar 7th, 2013 | By admin | Category: Opinion

Guess what happens this Sunday morning? Daylight savings time will return! Yea!!!! I think this is the one I like - lighter when you get home in the evening??? Yes - summer - still light at 9 p.m. That’s what I like. For some reason I’ve found that I don’t like to get up when it’s dark - but as we get closer to summer - the sun will rise earlier and that won’t be a problem. But, I really hate getting home when it’s already dark at 5 p.m.  - like in December. I just feel like going to bed - even though I generally stay up until midnight or so. I think I’m actually on California time. But if I lived in  California, I’d probably be on Hawaii time  - two hours earlier. Anyway - time has always seemed to be a problem for me. Must be a left-handed thing or possibly an ambidexterous thing…. But I am excited about the return to Daylight Savings Time.

On to another subject that may relate to my problem with time - my cats. They have absolutely no perception of time. If I leave the house - after feeding them breakfast - and then come back in one hour rather than 8 hours - they think it is time to eat dinner. Another thing I’ve noticed is that if they look out the window in my bedroom and see it is raining, they don’t realize that it is also raining when you look out any other window in the house. They go from room to room and look out, turn to me as if to say, “Wow - it’s raining.” Then repeat x10.

I recently almost got in a Facebook debate about people who think more about their animals (and/or treat them better) than they do other people. Well, I resisted my long explanation of why I think this seems the case for some people.  But I will wade into it here. #1 - Some people have been treated very badly by people and their animals always treat them with love. Therefore, they love and trust animals and not people.  #2 - I think God gives us animals to help teach us to love. If you cannot show an animal love - then you probably can’t show another human love. Animals are perfect examples of unconditional love - as God loves us. When we sin, God still loves us. He may disipline us but He still loves us and accepts us. Just as we do with our animals. If we are trying to train our animals and they do wrong - we may show displeasure and discipline them but these animals still love us and show us loyalty as we do them. Many people have never experienced this in their whole life and this is a learning experience for them. To me, the best examples of Christian love is to show love to something that cannot do anything for us but love us. It can’t give us money, status, etc. Animals are here for us to care for and learn to give that same love to people. Animals and more specifically our pets - are mirrors of our feelings about ourself. I can’t even imagine not having a pet. My life would be so incomplete. Yet - I have friends who have no pets and express no desire to  have pets. I can’t even imagine how someone could feel this way. My only guess would be that they have never had a pet before - or they would want one.

OK - there it is in a brief form. As you all know - I am a big animal advocate and think there is absolutely nothing wrong and even more - it is perfectly right to have a pet and treat it - perhaps better than people - until you learn and trust people like you do your pet.

Go to your happy place (next to your pet).

See you next week!!!!