Council Approves Properties for Condemnation; Upholds P & Z’s Denial of Conditional Use Permit for RV Park

Feb 28th, 2013 | By admin | Category: News and Features



The Beebe City Council met Monday night for their regular monthly meeting. In their first order, they heard from a representative of Liberty National life insurance company regarding possibly allowing coverage of city employees. Chris Danforth addressed the council and asked for the city’s business for their life insurance needs and stated that his company would provide $3,000 in free accidental death coverage and the same for their spouse, with $1,000 for each child if the city allows the company to meet with the employees. The council said they will discuss it with the employees and get back to Danforth.

The council then heard from the Planning and Zoning chairman, Jason Scheel. The Planning and Zoning Commission had denied the conditional use permit application by Bowman Barton for an RV Park at the end of Offspring Rd. Scheel stated that there were several people there in opposition to the park and had voiced concerns over safety regarding the transient nature of the people coming to the park. After discussion and hearing from applicant Bowman Barton regarding the increase in revenue from sales tax for the city, the council voted to uphold the decision of the Planning and Zoning Commission to deny the conditional use permit.

The council approved four resolutions to condemn property at: 113 Priest Rd. - owners Travis and Kristi Mann; 115 Priest Rd. - owners Travis and Kristi Mann; #15 Green Acres subdivision, 901 Green Meadow Drive - owner Tommy Mullins; and 1110 Green Meadow Drive, Lot #20 Green Acres subdivision, owner Tracy Van Winkle. The council approved sending a resolution to condemn the old Powell & Co. building, owner Patrice Jean Madesclaire Family Trust - to the White County Circuit Court - since the owner is out of state.

The council sent an ordinance regarding the appointment of members to the Planning and Zoning commission to them for review which would allow members from one resident of each of the city’s three electoral wards with the remaining members, including the chairman, to be appointed at large from the City of Beebe or outside the corporate limits but within the planning jurisdiction of the City of Beebe. The current members of the Planning and Zoning will review the ordinance and send it back to the council for approval.

The council heard the mayor say that entertainment for the city’s annual 4th of July event will be the Pacers and possibly a group called “Wine & Roses” which he heard at the recent Winter Convention of the Municipal League.