What’s Left?

Feb 7th, 2013 | By admin | Category: Opinion

By Lee McLane Editor/Publisher and Simba the late Squeaks adoptive baby

Last week was kind of weird. I got injured (by me) while at a crime scene. Actually, I was waiting to see if some police divers found some key evidence in a homicide case and while not paying close attention to what I was doing and paying more attention to the divers, I opened the door to a police car and the edge of the door hit me in the mouth. It cut my lip (3 stitches) and my teeth cut the inside of my mouth (also 3 stitches). I felt pretty dumb but was thankful that I didn’t hit my eyes or knock any of my teeth out. Dr. Branch (Beebe Family Clinic) sewed me up and hopefully and probably will be good as new when I get my stitches out on Thurs. (today).  My son, Christian is so funny. He said, “Mom, you were probably the only collateral damage they had that day at the crime scene.” I believe that was true. He also said I could tell people I had a fishing accident or a piercing gone bad.  Funny! I have beautiful blue sutures. Got a few odd looks at communion Sunday. Probably looked like I had something hanging out of my mouth from a distance. Anyway, from someone who has ruptured their own eardrum with a Q-tip and broken my nose while cleaning the bathtub (both incidents happened 10 yrs. ago or so)  - so this was not such a big deal. I’ve got to be more careful!!!! And/or get the voodoo curse off me. Actually, if truth be known, I probably have escaped a multitude of accidents  - so in that respect - I am very lucky to be in one piece - so to speak.

On to other topics. I love to watch HGTV House Hunters International. I know I will never travel (have no real desire to actually do it) so I like to watch this show to see what houses and apartments look like in other countries. Tonight (Monday) I’m watching one where they are looking for a house or apt. in Paris, France. Very interesting.  Life is so different in other countries and even in other parts of our country. It’s fun to see.

Another thing I wanted to share was that this week I tried those no-bake Oreo Jello cakes/or cupcakes. They are awesome. You freeze them and they almost taste like ice cream. They take about 10 min. to make and - if you like Oreo cookies - you might really like these.

Hope you are having a great week. Go to your happy place.

See you next week!