What’s Left?

Jan 17th, 2013 | By admin | Category: Opinion

By Lee McLane Editor/Publisher and Simba the late Squeaks adoptive baby

This week we are beginning a new column by Pam Young (see at left). She sent me some of her columns and they were so funny and light-hearted, I thought we might all need to read them. Plus - they give some great advice on how to get organized and some other lessons of life. She also has an interesting website if you have a chance to check it out. See the address at left. So, welcome, Pam!  I know the readers of The Beebe News will enjoy your columns.

Last week - or maybe it was the week before now - I ask people to donate if they could to the bed project at the Animal Shelter. We really appreciate those of you who gave and even if you haven’t - you still can. We now have enough money to get beds for all the pens thanks to: Beverly Gilkeson who has donated to many of our animal causes here in town - even though she lives in Michigan. She lived and her late husband, John, lived here in Beebe for awhile and helped the animals tremendously; Vera Tozer for her donation - thank you, Vera!’ and Charlotte Paquette - my right hand girl here at The Beebe News for her generous donation. She is an animal lover like me. Once again - thanks to all who gave and if you are still thinking about giving - please write a check to the Beebe Animal Shelter and you can drop it by here or by City Hall and we will find a good use for it to help out the dogs.

Right now (Tues. afternoon) my dogs are howling at the top of their lungs because they must hear a siren in the distance. I don’t know why they do that?  I don’t know if it hurts their ears or it is just a message to them that they need to join in… guess it’s one of those dog mysteries we may never know. Speaking of dogs, I watched some sort of dog competition on tv the other night. I loved watching the dogs compete around the agility course and then the diving dogs. There was a Whippet that jumped about 32 ft. across a pool. It was amazing. I would love to teach my dogs to do that. I didn’t work with them much  last summer - but this summer I hope to get them in the water more and teach them some tricks. They love the attention and when it’s really hot (come on summer), they like the water after some gentle persuading.

I watched the Miss America Pageant last Sat. night on tv and it was pretty good. They’ve changed the format some and it is a little more interesting but somewhat confusing as they said Miss Arkansas was in the top five of popular vote - but that didn’t get her in the top 15 finalists. I didn’t like that because I thought she was just as pretty if not more so than the others. Anyway, Miss New York won and I thought she was pretty and seemed to have a good personality. So many of the top ones had a talent of tap dancing - I hate tap dancing. But they were good. I just didn’t like it.

I hope you “weather” this new “stuff” we’re having today.  Go to your warm, sunny, sandy, breezy happy place!!!

See you next week!