What’s Left?

Jan 9th, 2013 | By admin | Category: Opinion

OK - the kids are back in school - for all you parents - and we’re now on the path to summer. Too fast? Well, it will be here before you know it. And - if you are regretting that you didn’t take that Christmas vacation to Disney World and want to surprise the kids with a trip this summer, I am shamelessly offering the services of my niece, Allison, who is a Disney vacation planner. She just came back from there around Thanksgiving and knows it inside out. If you are wanting to plan a trip, there is no charge since Disney pays her. So, just give me a call and I’ll get her in touch with you to plan that phenomenal vacation of a lifetime.

And as long as I am shamelessly plugging, I will say that as a Christmas present, I got a new floor in my bedroom to help me with the cat upkeep. First Class Flooring & Design in Beebe - owners Chad Isbell and wife Callie Mahoney Isbell. They did a fantastic job, on time, on budget, great installation and they have a great  selection of flooring - vinyl, carpet, wood, tile, etc. They are located next door to Fox Tanning.  I would recommend then for any of your flooring needs.

OK -done with the endorsements.

I heard today that we might have some really cold weather next week. I was really hoping that this one snow would be the end of winter. Not likely, huh? Well, in Arkansas, as my mother reminded me, we are just getting into winter in Jan. and Feb. So, we will just have to endure. I was hoping that with global warming we might just not have a winter this year. I suppose that is just selfish on my part. We need the cold weather to kill some of the bugs - so they tell me. And, I guess we wouldn’t really appreciate the summer weather if we hadn’t gone through the cold winter - so they say. I’ve never lived in a place where there weren’t seasons.

How are you doing on your New Year’s resolutions? Did you make any?  I always do and sometimes I tell you - but this year - I’m keeping them to myself and just working on them a day at a time.  But I hope you are doing well with your exercise, eating right, budgeting, etc. or whatever. It takes planning and not giving up - so they tell me….

I had a cultural experience the other day - I stumbled onto the Honey Boo Boo show on TLC. I had never seen it before but knew who she was and about their reality show. I watched about 5 min. of it. It was difficult. It’s hard to believe that they weren’t acting - but I feel sure the little girl (Honey Boo Boo) was herself - quiet entertaining and scarey. A very strange show. Hard to believe that lots of people watch it every week. But - good for them - at least making some money on it.

I would rather watch HGTV House Hunters International.

Go to your happy place.

See you next week.