What’s Left?

Jan 3rd, 2013 | By admin | Category: Opinion

Welcome to 2013!  For all of you who have no superstitutions about the number 13 - it should be a good year!  I expect mine to be especially good since I have a number of black cats - oh, wait - I’m not superstitiuous. Anyway, I expect my year to be one of my best - if not the very best. I believe you have to have that expectation of luck, good fortune and positive vibes to “bring it.” So, that is where I am. I hope you are there, too. I expect the new year to bring more revenue for the City of Beebe - and thus, allow the city to spend more money on various areas that have been neglected, such as - restructuring the animal shelter so that it can accomodate cats. It was supposed to be that way from the beginning, as many people who donated to it were told - as was I. But, for some reason or another - it just has not happened. So, we have hundreds of stray cats running around town with no where to take them (legally). It is a problem that every city faces and those cities seem to take the money from other non-necessity areas and make a place for stray cats. In my investigations of several shelters, the one at Sherwood has the best set up because they know how cats are and they have 3 or 4 rooms where they keep cats and they don’t have to hear the dogs barking in the back of the shelter. Once the cat comes in and passes the quarantine, it can then be allowed out of it’s cage to walk around and play with the other cats in that room - never very many at one time. The Sherwood shelter also has lots of volunteers and is affiliated with the Humane Society so that they actively seek homes for their animals. This is something we desperately need here in Beebe. Right now the shelter is just a holding place for dogs - with no organized effort to promote adoption. It’s very sad. We have even been trying to get the city to purchase little cot type devices so the animals don’t have to sleep on the cold concrete - but so far - no reply from the city as to whether they will purchase these for $17.50 each. Bald Knob has them as do most shelters and they normally cost around $50-$60 dollars. If you would like to donate some money for a bed for one of our 30+ dogs at the shelter - please call me - 882-5414.

I hope you have a great new year! Let’s get some things done in this city! Let’s be the city that everyone says, “We want our shelter to be like Beebe’s” instead of everyone saying, “We’d like our shelter to be like Sherwood’s.”

Also a big “Thanks” to Entergy personnel for all that they do for us!!!!

Go to your happy place!

See you next week!