Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Go!!!!!!! While the white blanket of snow is beautiful to look at, the trees have taken a beating from their heavy snow-laden limbs

Dec 27th, 2012 | By admin | Category: Top Story



Power outages and broken tree limbs caused lots of trouble around town Tuesday night as the blizzard warning held true.

Beebe area residents awoke Wednesday morning, Dec. 26th to a deep blanket of snow - and some had no power. This is being reported as the largest snowfall on Christmas Day in 80 years. This was the largest snowfall in Little Rock since 1963.

According to the Entergy website, just over 600 Beebe residents had power outages after the Christmas Day blizzard of 2012 hit.  Entergy reports that around 190,000 people are without power throughout the state.  First Electric is reporting 20,000 people without power.

The city had over 6- inches of snow which began as rain and sleet around 2 p.m. Christmas Day and turned to snow around 7 p.m. The snow increased and continued through the night until around 2 a.m. A blanket of snow has the ground covered and tree branches are bending and breaking - causing some power lines to  go with it. It is a beautiful winter wonderland - especially if you have power and don’t have to go to work. Thankfully, schools are out for Christmas vacation.  The forecast for Wednesday is for temperatures to rise above freezing so some significant melting will occur and travel will be easier but temperatures are forecast to get to the lowest in almost a year as they drop to around 20-degrees Wednesday night and Thursday morning. A slight warming trend is forecast for the rest of the week.

The majority of the power outages in Beebe according to the Entergy outage maps were around Hwy. 31 South, Loyd Henderson Rd., Mitchell Lane, S. Fir and other streets off Hwy. 31 South as well as an area around W. Mississippi Street, Kirkwood Dr., Access Rd., Meadows Lane, Evans Lane and some areas off W. Mississippi. No estimate on when the power will be restored to these areas as Entergy crews are working in most all parts of the state.