C.A.T.S. Teams Were Hot on a Cold Day!

Dec 20th, 2012 | By admin | Category: Sports


As I pulled into Batesville Shooting Sports Complex,  I saw the flag standing straight out as a strong northwest wind blew. I looked at the outside temperature on my car’s instrument panel that read 38 degrees and I knew it would be a very tough day of competition for the C.A.T.S. trap team.

Members of the C.A.T.S. (Kirklynd Miller, Hope McAlee, John Bell, Nash Miller, Clay Smith, Joe McAlee, Garrett Woods, Jacob Boyce and Alex Boyce) registered to shoot along with 71 other shooters from around the State.

As the shooting began, the wind made the targets dance as they came out of the house. Some of the targets rose higher while some were pushed to the right and others did not rise as high. The athletes had to make adjustments due to the extra clothing they had to wear as well as their timing and leads. Round after round the athletes answered the call.

As the scores were posted, it became apparent that the C.A.T.S. had done extremely well with no one posting below 6th place in their class or category. Joe McAlee and Clay Smith posted 25 straight in one of their rounds while Nash Miller posted 3 rounds of 24.  Jacob Boyce also had a round of 24.

Joe McAlee took over-all high score and 1st place in junior division with a total of 96 out of 100. Nash Miller took 1st place in Class D with 95 out of 100 while Hope McAlee took 1st place in the lady’s division.

Again all the team members deserve a huge hand for shooting very well under such adverse conditions. That goes to show that their training and dedication to their sport pays off.