What’s Left?

Dec 6th, 2012 | By admin | Category: Opinion

By Lee McLane Editor/Publisher and Simba the late Squeaks adoptive baby

It’s not often that you live in a town that has an annual natural phenomenon. But we do. Each winter the blackbirds come back through on their trek to who knows where - somewhere south of here. But they are here in force - flying in each evening (around 4:30 in the Windwood Subdivision area) like schools of fish darting in different directions at different altitudes. It is a truly incredible sight. If you haven’t seen it - you’ve got to get in your car and drive around the Windwood  Subdivision area from about 4:30-5:10 or until dark) as you see literally millions of red-winged blackbirds searching for a tree to roost in for the night. If it’s cloudy, they will come to roost earlier. But you have got to see it because we are just one of the few places in the United States where this is happening on a yearly basis. I don’t know if it will change when Walmart is completed and their lights are on all night - but there are street lights on now. So, we’ll see. I can’t remember exactly when the blackbirds leave on their migration south but it is in the springtime - so make sure you get over there and see this magnificent spectacle of nature before they leave this year. It may not be the same next year.

On to another subject. I may have written about this before but if I have, please forgive me but as I drive around and see everyones blow-up Christmas decorations out in their yards I am reminded of my “left-handed” brain and how dense I can be sometimes. It wasn’t until last year or the year before that I realized that people actually don’t plug those decorations in until the night time. I thought, as I drove around and so what looked to be a horrible massacre of Christmas characters in the yards of innocent people that vandals had struck or some especially deranged serial outdoor Christmas decoration murderer. But, alas, I suddenly realized that most people, unlike me, actually did not plug in their decorations until the night time. When I had one (Homer Simpson with a Santa hat on) I left it on all the time. So, it took several years for me to realize that all the yards were not victims of some demonic slasher gang but simply a failure to put the plug in the wall. Thank heavens! My faith in the lovers of Christmas decorations has been restored. (Can you believe it took me that long to figure that out??? - me neither!)

And on yet another note: our own Cody Belew was one of two who went home last week on The Voice. He made it to the top eight and we are  so proud of him! He will always be a winner in our books and I bet, since he got such good exposure on the show, he will be on his way to bigger and better things! Congratulations, Cody! We are all your best fans!!!!

Have a fun and relaxed holiday season.

Go to your happy place!

See you next week!