Lottery Issue Settled Out of Court Details remain under wraps

Dec 6th, 2012 | By admin | Category: Top Story

The settlement of the $1 million winning lottery ticket was set to go to jury trial Dec. 6th but was settled out of court last Friday morning, Nov. 30th. The details of the settlement will not be made public according to defense attorney Jimmy Simpson. There was $490,000 remaining of the original $1 million - $320,000 went to taxes and the Jones’ (Sharon and William) had spent $190,000.

The plaintiff’s attorney, Red Morgan, said that everyone is happy and pleased. The plaintiff are Sharon Duncan, Lisa Petriches, Luay Dejani, and Summer One, L.L. C.

The defendant, Sharon Jones, picked the winning ticket out of the trash at the Super One Stop in Beebe in the summer of 2011. Even though the Ark. Lottery Commission stated that she was the winner, the plaintiffs shortly thereafter, brought suit against Jones stating that she was not the rightful owner of the ticket. The initial trial awarded the ticket to Sharon Duncan by Judge Tom Hughes. He later recused himself from any future trial and Judge Craig Hannah  would have heard the trial in White County Circuit Court  if it had taken place on Dec. 6th.