Immediately Tagging Deer is a Must for Arkansas Hunters

Nov 21st, 2012 | By admin | Category: Sports

LITTLE ROCK – It is easy to remember the rule for putting a tag on that deer you kill.

Do it immediately.

You must tag your deer before you move it, before you get with your hunting buddy and ask him to help you get the deer back to the vehicle. You tag the deer before you pull out your smart phone and check it under the new Arkansas Game and Fish Commission checking system. You tag the deer before you pull out a package of cheese crackers and open a can of soda.

The tag on a deer that is taken by a hunter is a key component if the Arkansas wildlife system.

There is no wiggle room, no escape clause for breaking the rule. Simply put, a wildlife officer who finds a hunter with a deer that does not have a tag will write a citation on the spot.