What’s Left?

Nov 8th, 2012 | By admin | Category: Opinion

By Lee McLane Editor/Publisher and Simba the late Squeaks adoptive baby

Well,  unfortunately, I have to write this column before the election results are in. In fact, I’m writing it on Monday night - which is when I usually write it - or early Tuesday afternoon. I like politics - sometimes - but honestly, I’m glad this season is over. I have an idea who is going to win but I’m not going to stick my neck out here and say but if you’ve talked to me in person recently you know my opinion. We’ll see.  One thing I do know after watching several elections over the years - the voters can slam a big surprise on you sometimes and then other times - it is all so predictable. I believe mostly - oopps - almost got into what I believe is going to happen.

I am going up to the courthouse to wait on the results so that I can get them in the paper. It will be interesting. In this day and age of computers - it is almost archaic that you go to a courthouse and await the counting of the computer ballots. Weird, huh?  You vote on a computer. The ballots are transferred to a bigger computer that counts the votes - then a person stands up and announces the results. I don’t know - maybe they also enter it into a computer somewhere so that it is accessible to the public that night? That is what should be done since it would entail just pushing a button, probably.  But, I’ve done it many, many times - going up to the courthouse on election night - and it is organized chaos. I just hope all the electronics work. I have been at the courthouse at 2 a.m. before and still didn’t have the results. But hopefully it will all be good. We’ll see. I’ll let you know next week.

To change the subject, I brought all my office cats home. They are not yet in the clique of my bedroom cats. They are having so many new experiences. They never saw the sunrise. They never saw the nighttime when they were here at the office. It was sad. They now get to see butterflies on my zinnias, and all sorts of stuff. They have really had changes in their personalities. It’s been very interesting. They love to “help” me brush my teeth and wash my face. The “kittens” are about one year old now.  Their mother has made the transition easily because she probably had these sort of experiences before we got her at the office with the kittens with their eyes still shut.  So, it’s been interesting having to get all these cats to get along. They mostly do get along.  It’s a lot easier to work at the office now and the cats just didn’t have the ability to get all the experiences they needed. So now they are in a better place and I’m really enjoying them. It is fun to watch their interaction with each other.

This Sunday is Veterans Day. Please take time to honor those who have given so much for us.

Go to your happy place.

See you next week!