What’s Left?

Nov 1st, 2012 | By admin | Category: Opinion

By Lee McLane Editor/Publisher and Simba the late Squeaks adoptive baby

This week is our last paper before the election, Nov. 6th. We’ve been pretty busy - thankfully - and after this week things will slow down (not too much, I hope) but  they will get more back to normal. I hope you have already voted early like I did when you could vote here in Beebe but if not, don’t forget to vote Nov. 6th.

This coming  Friday you can get your flu shot at the Beebe Health Dept. from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Take advantage of this convenience!

I feel so sorry for those in the Northeast as they are going through the devastation brought by Hurricane Sandy. Flooding, wind damage, power outages and so much property damage has taken place. They say the power may be out for a week or more for about 8 million people. I pray for those people and pray that the weather will be mild after the storm leaves. The stock exchange was closed Mon. and Tues. due to the weather - something that hasn’t happened in over 100 years, I believe. The storm brought a winter blizzard to West Virginia - beautiful but very dangerous.  Pray for those people.

Go to your warm, dry happy place.

See you next week.