Fidelity Bringing 50 Meg Internet, Expanded TV Lineup to Beebe

Oct 11th, 2012 | By admin | Category: News and Features

Super fast Internet has finally arrived in Beebe.

Since acquiring the Beebe Cable TV system from Cobridge in January, Fidelity Communications has made numerous upgrades to bring up to 50 Meg Internet speeds to the entire town.

Internet customers who also take Fidelity’s Cable TV or phone can get 8 Meg Internet service for the everyday low price of $25 a month. Other Internet discounts are also available to Cable TV customers—with 50 Meg Internet speeds priced at just $85 a month. No contract is required and standard installation is free.

“We are very excited to finally be able to offer customers true 25 and 50 Meg speeds,” said Andy Davis, General Manager. “For most Internet users, these are the speeds you need to run multiple laptops, tablets, gaming consoles and streaming players.”

In addition to super fast Internet service, Fidelity has made drastic improvements to the Cable TV system, effective November 6, with the addition of 200 new channels, including over 60 HD channels and 47 new movie channels. Whole Home HD/DVR service is also available, making it possible to pause a recorded program in one room and resume it in another. Additionally, Fidelity has lowered HD/DVR prices to $12.99 with additional Whole Home HD/DVR boxes priced at $6 each.

“We converted the entire Cable TV system to digital so we could give Beebe customers the channels they were missing,” Davis said. “We also added a better digital music service, a large HD lineup and NFL Network and RedZone.”

Fidelity is also offering a full year of Showtime for $5.95 a month. That’s 15 channels of Showtime, Flix and The Movie Channel for one low price.

To order services, call the Maumelle business office at 501-859-0384 or 1-855-426-2744 toll free. Customers can also order online at