Proposed Agenda Beebe Public Schools Regular Board Meeting Beebe School District Board Room October 8, 2012 6:30 P.M.

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I. Call to Order

II. Open Session (6:30)

III. Approval of Agenda


A.  Lisa Boone, EBI – Insurance Update

B.  Beebe Elementary Update – Ms. Cathy Payne, Principal

V. Personnel

A.  Resignations

B.   Employment

VI. Consent Agenda (Minutes and Financial State ment)

VII.   Action Items

A.  Board Officers for 2012-13

B.  Middle School Storm Shelter Bids

C.  Designate CEO for 2012-13

D.  Disbursing Officer for 2012-13

E.  Minority Recruitment Plan for 2012-13

F.  Agreement with Sunshine School for 2012-13

G.  Standards/ACSIP Plans/Assurances for  2012- 13, Mr. Scott Embrey, Assistant Superintendent  for   Curriculum and Instruction

H.  Purchases over $10,000

VIII. Superintendent’s Informational Report

A.  Annual Report to the Public and Ade- quate Yearly Progress -Mr. Scott Embrey, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction.

B.  Workshops for Board Members

C.  Miscellaneous

IX. Adjourn

*The District’s Annual Report to the Public will be presented in the buildings this year; however, we will share the district data at the board meeting.