What’s Left?

Sep 27th, 2012 | By admin | Category: Opinion

By Lee McLane Editor/Publisher and Simba the late Squeaks adoptive baby

We are undergoing a  new set-up at my house. We’re not allowing the cats to go outside my bedroom. Well, that is my “bedroom” cats - the other cats are in my “exercise” room with access to my screened-in porch. My cats like the seclusion but they are unhappy that they don’t have the run of the house. It just got too much for me to handle - as you might imagine. It will mean a not-so-relaxing night’s sleep but I do love my cats and they are great to cuddle with. So, we’ll see how that goes but I have no alternative but to go with this. My cats have toys, toys, toys and windows to look out and see hummingbirds and butterflies. I’m even going to get more bird feeders to put outside the windows so they will be fine. I’m not sure about me - but I can always go sleep on the couch if it comes to that.

At this point, I believe I am qualified to be a cat behaviourist - and I use that with my cats - but when you have so many, it almost negates any work you do with one cat. I’m still working on it. But one thing I do know, unlike with dogs, the best way to get them to want to please you is for them to love and trust you. I’m sure that works with dogs, too, but there is also the alpha dog thing and sometimes that is a powerplay.  But one huge thing about cats is that they are very jealous. If you win their love and trust, that still doesn’t mean they won’t do something because they are jealous of the attention you give to another cat. It would probably work fine for two or three cats - but when you get much more than that, it is tough.

I have two male cats that think they have to sleep right up by my head - on opposite sides. One lays his head up against mine and the other has to put his paws on my face (he has no claws). Many of my bedroom cats do not have claws. I hate to do that but it is more of a safety factor for me. I still get scratched (accidentally) all the time. I find if you put Hydrogen Peroxide on it immediately - I almost don’t even react to it at all. It’s great.

But back to my male cats - they are very jealous of each other. They avoid each other most of the time - but they tolerate the fact that the other one is just a face away (mine). One of those cats is my Simba - who is in my picture with me. The other one is Little Boy (real name - Latte’). When he was a kitten he got very sick and would just lay on my chest all night for several nights until he got well. So, he has a strong bond with me and that is fine with me. He’s very sweet except that he knows how to close doors and he does it all the time. If I don’t put a doorstop down, he will go in the bathroom and shut the door and be stuck in there all day while I’m at work. He’s a one-trick pony for sure. He’s proud of that. Cat’s have very few “tricks” so when they do - they’re really proud of it. Enough about my cats. You know I love them.  I hope you give a cat a chance as a pet of yours. There are lots of cats and not enough cat owners.

Go to your happy place (with your cat).

See you next week!