What’s Left?

Sep 20th, 2012 | By admin | Category: Opinion

By Lee McLane Editor/Publisher and Simba the late Squeaks adoptive baby

Don’t you have those days when you have to search your memory for funny things in your past that can make you laugh?  Might have needed them Saturday after the Razorback’s loss to Alabama. I’m not a big football fan and didn’t watch the game (thank goodness) but I did hear and realize the enormity of the defeat - and the second one in a row. Oddly, much like the Badgers. Anyway, the point being, that we store these funny memories for future use - at least I do. Problem is, sometimes I can’t remember them when I need them. Right now, I’m remembering suffering through an extremely long council meeting several years ago and someone (city official) whispering in my ear, “ I wish you would” and “the wheels of government grind slow, but they grind fine,” which were catch phrases of one of our former mayor’s - who - as time goes by, we all appreciate much more than we did at the time (initials P.P.). Now, everytime I hear one of those - I laugh - thinking of all the times I heard him say it.

I also have several cat instances which bring a smile to my face. My little Squeak (my cat that used to be in the picture with me in this column) used to make this little “uh-uh” noise whenever you turned the light on or off. It was so cute.  And then this morning, I found that  a Mockingbird outside the porch where my cats can go during the day - has figured out how to make the little kitty “come get me” squeal. I have a new kitten and when it is in the pet taxi and wants me to come get it, it starts meowing very loudly. This is the sound the Mockingbird has learned. Just what I needed - but funny.

And, then there was the time I saw (and a friend also did) a UFO at Gulf Shores. CNN was supposed to get our video but we never could connect with them before we left. I’m sure they thought we were nut cases - but we really got a nice video of a huge bright light travelling slowly across the horizon. We thought it might be a large airliner crashing but there was never a crash. It was very strange and lasted about 5-10 minutes. The funny part of that story is that CNN never got the video. We kept calling them, then they’d call us back and it was a weekend and they just couldn’t find anyone to meet us and pick up the video. Sooooo - loss of a big story. We still have the video.

In these days of global turmoil, you need to find stuff to laugh about.  My cats at the office - and home - are very funny. My dogs are pretty funny, too, except when they are barking at 2a.m., 3 a.m., 4 a.m. and then sound asleep at 6 a.m. and the rest of the daylight hours.

I hope you find some “funny” in your life.

Go to your happy place.

See you next week!