Council Approves Purchase of New Police and Fire Vehicles at Special Meeting

Aug 23rd, 2012 | By admin | Category: Top Story



At a special council meeting held Tuesday, Aug. 14th,  the Beebe City Council approved the purchase of several vehicles for the police and fire departments. The police will receive five 2013 Ford Police Interceptor cars featuring V-6 Eco-Boost engines, 365 H.P., all-wheel drive.  According to Lt. Brian Duke, the vehicles will look like a Taurus but the frame, engine and all of the other components are designed with more safety features for the well-being of our police. All the units will have several on-board computers and all will have a black and white color scheme. Lt. Duke said while he test drove one of the units recently he was able to get 18-mpg while on patrol. The city will sell at least three of the old police vehicles. The last time the department bought a new police vehicle was in 2002. The latest model vehicle  currently being used by the police department is a 2007 vehicle with 90,000 miles on it. The new vehicles will be purchased from Crain Ford with a total balance of $231,000 - which includes all the police equipment including light bars, etc. Each police vehicle is approx. $27,379.

The fire department will be purchasing a 2012 Ferrara Intruder II, custom pumper. It will come fully equipped to get the maximum ISO rating for the truck. The cost is $352,428.76 at 0% interest for 5 years. It will replace a 40-year-old engine, according to Asst. Chief Rick Jackson. It will be housed at the central station and one of the 1999 engines will go to station 3. The new truck will be first out to respond to structure fires, according to Jackson.