Council Decides to Drop “Hamburger Tax” Proposal for Now; Approves Placing Fire Membership Dues for Outside City on November Ballot

Jul 26th, 2012 | By admin | Category: Top Story



The Beebe City Council Monday night approved several ordinances - one of which allows the placement of due for fire membership on the November ballot. The dues, which are $40 per year, will be voted on by Union Township voters only - as that is the area the fire membership dues cover outside the city limits. Mayor Mike Robertson announced that the city will drop the effort to place a “hamburger tax” on the November ballot and wait and see what revenue numbers look like once the new Walmart is open.

Alderman Tracy Lightfoot commended the city, police, fire, churches and civic organizations who participated in the city’s 4th of July event saying it was a great success. “Everyone did such a great job,” Lightfoot said.

Mayor Robertson added that he felt everything went well and added his compliments to the entertainment by Sonny Burgess and the Pacers and Tony Witt.

The council approved the following ordinances (which will be published next week):

Ord. 2012-14 - an ordinance to abandon a right of way located on property owned by Ark. State Univ.

Ord. 2012-15 - an ordinance to waive competitive bidding for paving to pave Campbell Drive immediately - not to exceed $20,000.

Ord. 2012-16 - an ordinance to approve the lease of a fire station located at 112 Pinewood Dr., in Beebe.

Ord. 2012-17- an ordinance approving the collection of due for fire protection to areas outside the city limits and placing on the ballot.

The council also approved hiring one full time and one part time dispatcher; and one part time animal control worker.

The council heard about work going on at the ballpark from director Lynn Hatcher. He stated that Bob Tasler has donated fill dirt for work on the ball fields. He also stated - along with the mayor - that the city is trying to obtain a grant for another ball field.