What’s Left?

Jul 19th, 2012 | By admin | Category: Opinion

By Lee McLane Editor/Publisher and Simba the late Squeaks adoptive baby

Do you ever feel like you’re just not in sync with the universe? You know - you feel like you’re driving with the emergency brake on (and it works).  I can’t say that I feel that way a large portion of the time but off and on I do.   I feel like I’m just swimming against the rip tide, driving with my emergency brake on (but mine personally doesn’t work), etc.  I’m not sure how to get back in the “groove” so to speak. If you’ve got any ideas - let me hear from you.

On to other things. You know, one of my most pleasant memories of my young years is that of just being outside  playing with my cat (yes, I had at least one back then), and generally just watching life. I was an observer of nature.  You know that is what you should be doing as a child. I walked in the woods, waded in the clear running waters of the creek behind our house, stayed out late at night laying in the yard - looking at the stars, rode my bicycle all over the neighborhood and never once worried about being kidnapped or having anything bad happen to me. That’s the way life was when I was a child - about 50 years ago. I wish it was that way for kids now. But, I know things did happen to children back then - but not very often and my parents never chose to tell me of those things  because I was a worrier. So, I just had a great time as a child. As I grew older, I remember reading all the Nancy Drew books, watching the latest movies that came out with Haley Mills, and following my brother and his friends around whenever they would put up with me. I loved playing with my Barbie doll - which had just come out about the time I was 10, as I recall, but I really didn’t like to play with other children too much. I have always been pretty much a loner - except I did have a guy that rode bikes with me, climbed trees with me and was basically my “protector” when my brother wasn’t around. He ended up going to the Air Force Academy later in life, then working at a nuclear plant in another country. Not sure what he is doing right now but he was a big part of my childhood and lots of fun to be around.

I was not totally anti-social, I did lots of extracurricular activities: cheerleader, drill team, Girl Scouts (got kicked out - for a short time for spraying a fellow scout in the face with a Coke) and doing some volunteer work at a hospital. I did do some things where I stayed away from home at night but those were things my parents forced me to do. For some reason, I get homesick - even now. I am just one of those people that likes to be at home. I enjoy going to Orange Beach (Gulf Shores), AL, places in Arkansas (especially Eureka Springs) - but mostly, I like being home at night. That really limits you - but that is just who I am and was to a large degree as a child.

But back to what I believe I started out to write about - trying to find that “groove” that you like to be in and I have been in several times in the past - just feeling like things are what they should be. Sometimes I believe you have to be somewhat reflective of your past - remember from whence you came, etc. So, going down memory lane here with you may help. At any rate, it brings back pleasant memories of my childhood - which  was basically a great time of my life.  Today, when I see the young kids out playing now that school is out for the summer, I hope that they’re having a good time which they’ll be able to look back on with fond memories.

Go to your happy place.

See you next week!