Jul 12th, 2012 | By admin | Category: Opinion

By Lee McLane Editor/Publisher and Simba the late Squeaks adoptive baby

I was looking at my cats the other day - the many I have in my “exercise” room - and watching how they interact with each other. It is so funny but also can be correllated with human behaviour, I think.  My cats are like an episode of Survivor. They form alliances, teams, friends and then the next week they may all be different. Rarely do I have one cat who befriends one cat and then they stay in that relationship for a long time. Yes, they are still friendly to each other but don’t cuddle up and take a nap together. Maybe that’s because I have so many cats that they have to spread themselves around. I don’t know but it is funny to watch. For some time now, my meanest cat (I think he is a natural born bully) and my sweetest cat - are very friendly with each other. I think the friendly cat has decided he needs the protection of the bully cat. Now, I do have to periodically give the bully cat a “calm down” pill but even then, the friendly cat hangs around the drugged bully cat. Then some of my biggest, potentially mean cats can sometimes hang around with little, meek cats. It is funny. And - this is the most human trait - when I have to give medicine to a few of my cats - which means they get special food with their medicine in it - the “pig” cats hang around those cats trying to steal their food. I hate to give any of my cats food that I don’t let them all have but I can’t afford to give tuna or baby food to all my cats and I do have to use that to get some of them to take their daily medicine. All in all - it’s a circus. What’s the name of that weird show - My Extreme Life - or something like that. I expect to be on that someday soon. My life is pretty different. It’s good for me - but for some people - they would think, “Wow - get me outta here!”

Anyway - just another day at our house.

How’s your garden doing? Ours (mom’s) is doing great! We have a bumper crop of tomatoes, corn, squash, green beans and peppers. We probably should have set up a roadside stand - we have so much. But mother has been canning so we will have lots of good stuff all year long - and probably longer. I’m not sure why the garden has been so good this year? We did cut down a tree that was shading part of the garden and sapping some of the water. We also have been feeding it some with Miracle Grow until my mom said, “Stop!” I guess that’s a good problem to have. But it is lots of work and I don’t help her at all. I’m doing my cat stuff each day while she’s doing garden stuff. My sister has helped some and my son, Christian has helped some - but mainly - mom has done it all. Thanks, mom!  Nothing like a summer tomato!

Did you get to go to the city’s 4th of July event?  I hope so! It was lots of fun! Very hot - but lots of good food, entertainment and a great fireworks display - with no fires! Yea!!!!

Go to your happy place!

See you next week!