What’s Left?

Jun 7th, 2012 | By admin | Category: Opinion

Summer’s Here!!!!

Well, you may not be that excited about it but I know lots of children are very excited that summer vacation is here!

Have you got your plans for vacation finalized? I guess if you’re going somewhere you better have them finalized. I was thinking the other day about some of my favorite summer vacations and one that comes to mind is when my mom and I went to the Bahamas. It was both of our first times out of the country and it felt really strange to be out of the United States. But we had a great time - drove on the “wrong” side of the street and just enjoyed a new place, the ocean and lots of great food. It was a fun time - so much so that we went back with my aunt and my sister a few weeks later - or maybe a month or so. We had a great time then, too. At that time, we were able to go on a private plane - well - not a private plane but a plane full of people like us, going to the Bahamas. It left from Memphis and the flying time was only about an hour and a half. That made it nice. Everyone was partying the whole way down there. As I recall, it was pretty quiet on the way back. I don’t think they do those junkets to the Bahamas anymore - but I’m not sure.  Anyway it was a fun thing to do for a few days in the summer.

OK - garden wise - and let it be know it is my mom’s garden, I barely have walked through it once, but yesterday (Monday) we got our first tomatoes! Yea!!!! They weren’t dead ripe like we like them - but they will be today. I love tomatoes but I only like them in the summer when they are fresh.

Have you been watching the 60th Year Diamond Jubilee for Queen Elizabeth in London?  I have watched some of it. Boy, 60 years is a long time to be on the throne. I think she has done an extraordinary job. Sure, you think, how hard could it be to have all that money and just dress up and show up at events - but it really is hard. She has given her whole life to representing England. (My grandfather was from Liverpool - so maybe I have a little more interest in it than the usual American). Anyway, it is interesting to watch! AND - this summer we will get to see the Summer Olympics coming to us from London, England. That will be great. It will be July 27 through Aug. 12th on NBC. I can’t wait! I really like the summer olympics better than the winter olympics.

Go to your happy place.

See you next week!