Judge Says Ownership of Million Dollar Lottery Ticket Belongs to Duncan Jones’ say they will appeal decision

May 9th, 2012 | By admin | Category: Top Story

Judge Thomas Hughes handed down a decision that the one million dollar lottery ticket which Sharon Jones found in the trash bin belongs to Sharon Duncan - who claimed to be the original purchaser of the ticket.

Hughes claimed that the videos and the scanning timeline of the ticket purchase provided by the lottery commission were “little help” and claimed that according to Duncan and store clerk Rondi Smith who gave eye witness testimony of the events of July 15, 2011 - the date when the winning ticket was originally scanned were his basis of the ruling. The judge said that Jones never proved that Duncan abandoned her right to $1 million.

Jones’ attorneys, Winston Collier and Jimmy Simpson commented that the money will not go to any party until a final non-appealable ruling is made.

The defense said that they will file an appeal with the Court of Appeals - which could go on to the Arkansas Supreme Court.

Sharon Jones was awarded $680,000, after taxes, by the lottery commission on July 18, 2011 after they had investigated the situation. The money has been frozen since a lawsuit was filed. The lawsuit had four plaintiffs: Sharon Duncan, Lisa Petriches, Luay Dajani and Summer One LLC.