Council Sends P & Z Issue Back for Clarification; Approves Mobile Home Ordinance

Apr 18th, 2012 | By admin | Category: Top Story



The Beebe City Council spent much of their time Monday night during the regular monthly meeting discussing a Planning and Zoning issue which was included in the regular Planning and Zoning recommendations.  Normally the council will look at the recommendations and approve all of them with one motion. Occasionally an item will have to be discussed and voted on separately. This was the case Monday night.

In the March 6th Planning and Zoning meeting, a request was presented  to build a 36-unit apartment complex addition to Millwood Apartments on E. Oklahoma. It would be constructed in three phases with the first phase being a 12-unit apt. building. It was noted in the meeting by the P & Z chairman, Jason Scheel, who also lives on E. Oklahoma that the street is too narrow for vehicles to pass each other and their is poor drainage. The request was tabled until the issues could be resolved. In a meeting on April 3rd, the request was resubmitted with the concession that the developer would widen the street by 4.5 ft. on the north side, provide a privacy fence on the east side, add a second access to Carson through the back of the lot and add two fire hydrants.  Four of the commissioners voted for the request and Chairman Scheel voted against the request. The issue came before the council and there was much discussion as to whether the request was for a preliminary plat or a site plan. The attorney for the developer said that it was a site plan although it was stated as an improved plat in the updated request. The council voted to send the issue back to the Planning and Zoning to construct a more detailed recommendation which does not include suggestions regarding the city taking care of widening the street on the other side or taking care of drainage issues.

In other P & Z issues, the council approved the recommendations to approve the  Preliminary Plat for 21 lots to Terrace Meadows Phase II by Bob Tasler.

In other action, the council approved Ord. 2012-10 which amends the Beebe Zoning Code to disallow the introduction of any mobile homes into the city of Beebe (with the definition of mobile home being one built prior to June 15, 1976). Manufactured homes built later than that date are not affected. Also, exceptions include those mobile homes already set up in Beebe. The entire ordinance will be published next week in The Beebe News.

Other action taken by the council included the approval to hire Kim Weeks for 40 hrs. a week at $10 hr. in the City Clerk’s office; to hire Crissy Pruitt for 24 hrs. week in the Parks concession stand at $8.25 hr. and  to move Barbara Sheets Bishop from pt to full time dispatcher at $9.00 hr.

The council approved getting bids for removal of two homes which have been condemned: Hwy. 64 W. and 901 N. Main. The council was asked to look at an ordinance on the “Hamburger Tax” and consider passing it in the August meeting so that it can be on the November ballot. The tax would be on motel rooms and restaurant food.