Geography is Everywhere by Elise Schlosser

Mar 22nd, 2012 | By admin | Category: Education

Animal Geography & Controversy

I have said I will discuss animal geography quite often as it is one of my favorite sub-disciplines of geography.  As a quick reminder, animal geography is anything that involves the human – animal relationship and its effect in a given environment, a cultural landscape.  In other words; how animals and people co-exist.  The real question is can they?

Historically, man has a “primal” need to dominate, not only over one another as individuals, communities, societies, tribes, but everything in between; plants, animals, the environment, in every aspect including; planes to dominate the air, ships to dominate the seas and waterways, trains to dominate the land, cars to dominate our roads.

Throughout time man has gone from a culture of dependence on animals for sustenance to one of materialism, employment, and exploitation in every imaginable, and some inconceivable ways.  We abuse them, use them for companionship and service, farming practices, research, zoos, circuses, the black market and poaching, the list is exhaustive.  Whether this is rooted in religion, science, culture, or something else, it still does and has occurred for hundreds of years.  Animal exploitation, a topic in its own right, is a point to be studied and defined in the human – animal relationship across the social landscape.

Look at the birds of the Windwood section of Beebe.  They too are controlled by the actions of human beings.  Some people like them, some despise them, some are happy to see them go, and some happy for their return.  Some cannot understand why an organization would offer a reward leading to a conviction of their deaths on New Year’s Eve when there are people in dire straights.  And for that matter, both years regarding their deaths were in one way or another directly related to man.  Whether it was fireworks or the toxic fumes from the fireworks present in a temperature inversion, it was the result of man.  And here in lies the controversy.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion.  Again, I ask the question, can people and animals really co-exist in a fair balance?  This is geography, and as I always say, “Geography is Everywhere”.  If you have an opinion about this or anything else related to geography, please email me at: