Council Examines Walmart Site Plan; Hears ‘State of City’ Address

Feb 29th, 2012 | By admin | Category: News and Features

By Lee “Cat” McLane


The Beebe City Council met Thursday night, Feb. 23rd for the regular monthly meeting.  The city council approved the condemnation of a house at 901 N. Main Street.

The council approved the recommendation of the Planning and Zoning Commission to approve Jason Scheel for another 4-year term as chairman and approved the composition of the Planning and Zoning board members.

The council approved the hiring of Crissy Pruitt to work in the concession stand and approved the hiring of someone for the clerk/treasurer’s office for 25-hrs. a week at $9.98 hr.

The mayor gave his State of the City address by hitting the highlights of the past year and told the council that the city’s current balance is

$1,432,508. “Our revenues have increased a little - but we don’t stockpile money,”Mayor Mike Robertson. “I want to thank all city personnel and council for working with me and others. Small town politics does work.”

The mayor talked about putting on the Nov. ballot an issue of the “hamburger” or food and room tax for the city to be used for streets, fire, police and maintenance programs. “Most places around - you are paying one-cent tax and people that stop and come through pay it,” stated Mayor Robertson. “Not just the citizens of that city.”

The mayor talked about the problem areas in the city - one being that of the flooding issue in the Windwood subdivision. He said that the city is trying to join the county mitigation plan so that the city will be eligible for some grants that will help in this area. “We will keep working on grants for disasters and will look at trying to help the Windwood residents,” Mayor Robertson said.

The mayor talked about the district court situation in White County and said that it is changing in 2012 and we are unsure as to how it will affect the city of Beebe. He said that as of Jan. 1, 2012 - all the city courts in the county had been abolished. White County has two district courts - one in Searcy and one here in Beebe. The caseload from all the former city courts will be split between the two district courts.

The mayor announced that the site plan for the future Walmart is now available for viewing at the office of the code enforcement officer during regular business hours.  The council viewed the plan after the meeting was over. The site plan shows that the east side of the Walmart complex will have a drive-thru pharmacy. The site plan also shows that many of the trees between the Windwood subdivision and the Walmart property will be left alone. If you are interested in the details of the plan, go to the City Hall and view the plan. At the March 6th Planning and Zoning meeting at City Hall, they will review the Walmart site plan.

A part-time dispatcher was hired for the police department. Barbara Sheets, who was a former dispatcher here, was hired for 20 hrs. a week.

The next council meeting will be March 12th at 6:30 p.m. at the City Hall.